Farmers are the heart of the central valley. We need to ensure that we have proper water storage. In addition to ensuring the safety of farming water, we need to make sure that we have sustainable water use practices and most importantly clean water. We have seen the issue of clean drinking water across the country, including our own valley.


Immigration is what makes America great. It is the diverse group of people that have allowed this country to do such amazing things. The attacks on immigrants and minorities by this administration are unacceptable and we need leadership that will stand up for them. We need to expand access for legal immigration and asylum seekers.

Health Care

We need universal healthcare. As someone who had to deal with the broken healthcare system during my father’s passing, I will fight to ensure that no one will have to choose between life or debt. Corporations are taking advantage of the system through patent loopholes and the American people have ultimately paid the price.

Climate Crisis

There are 134 months left to protect our planet against massive ecological changes. We need leadership that will fight to save Earth and not put corporate interests ahead of our future generations. We have seen countless times that oil companies have disregarded the EPA and health standards that have poisoned our drinking water. This administration just opened up our valley to further oil drilling and we need someone who will fight to protect our resources.


Education is the cornerstone of our society. Teachers are people who spend the most time with our youth and at times can be the only ear in a person’s life. They serve a much larger purpose than just an educator in many cases. We need to ensure that teachers are paid appropriately and we need to expand after school programs. Investment in public education and the way we are taught is what builds a foundation for our communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

The United States has over 2 million people in jail. We need to remove privatization from the prison system which has led to this incarceration rate. Once again corporations are breaking down our system in order to increase profits. Human beings should not be locked in jail, away from their families for nonviolent, victimless crimes. Cash bail has perpetuated a system that criminalizes poverty and must be stopped.


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